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A "pre-purchase survey", is an in-depth survey that includes an evaluation of the vessel, a sea-trial, and a hull bottom survey. The Pre-Purchase Survey  includes the inspection and operation of all vessel systems.  The owner can use the survey as a guideline and introduction to the vessel and as a negotiation tool in the purchase process.

A percussion hull sounding on the hull's wetted surfaces, to identify laminate voids, delamination, moisture, or other material deficiencies & defects.

Moisture Analysis is performed on suspect vessel laminates.

Thermal imaging is performed on electrical and mechanical components.

 A Sea-Trial is conducted, and vessel performance and navigational equipment is evaluated.

The propulsion system is inspected and thermal images taken during operation to assist in identifying and problem areas.

Oil Spectrometer Analysis in (ppm) parts per million, can be performed on engines, generators, and gears, as requested,  to identify abnormal or premature internal engine/gear metal wear, cooling system leaks or metal leeching, failed gaskets, failed seals and o-rings, cracked engine/gear components, carburetor/fuel injection problems, previous overheating, faulty air induction systems, heat-exchanger/exhaust manifold/cooler/riser failure, lubricant oxidation, viscosity breakdown, and contamination particles within the units.

On select gas inboards and outboards, engine diagnostics can be performed to test engine systems and list any fault codes.

Engine Coolants can be chemically tested to determine the Coolant's life-span and its effectiveness in preventing corrosion in the Cooling System, as requested.

Electrical AC power outlets are tested for proper Polarity and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt Protection.

Determination of the vessel's "Fair Market Value" & "Replacement Value", and the Survey's "Findings and Recommendations" are made.

The "Fair Market Value" is the most probable price in terms of money which a vessel should bring in a competitive and open market under all conditions requisite to a fair sale, the buyer and seller, each acting prudently, knowledgeably and assuming the price is not affected by undue stimulus.


Typically a Boat Insurance Survey is used for Insurance or Financing purposes. This type of marine survey, which is sometimes called a condition and value survey, is not as comprehensive as the Pre-Purchase marine survey and focuses on the overall condition and value as well as the safety aspects of the boat or yacht. Most often during the Boat Insurance Survey the marine surveyor will examine the boat or yacht in a static non-operating condition to determine the general overall condition.  The survey report will contain a summary statement and an estimate of the present Fair Market Value. 

 A Boat Insurance Survey usually does not include any examination of wetted surfaces and underwater machinery nor does it include a sea trial.  Usually, the engines and generator will not be operated. If the insurance company specifies that a hauled survey is required to inspect the underwater surfaces please notify the surveyor in advance so that arrangements can be discussed.

The overall condition of the vessel will be determined using the marine grading system of condition as developed by BUC Research.  This condition rating will then be used with other factors to determine the overall Fair Market Value of the boat or yacht on the date of the marine survey.


Appraisals for loan values and donation values are also available.  IRS form 8283 available upon request for charitable donations.


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